What is 96ACE Affiliate Program for? Frequently ask question is here

Affiliates Program

What is 96ACE Affiliate Program?

96ACE Affiliate Program is a partnership program where you earn commissions based on the wagering activity of player that you refer to 96ACE.

How do I sign up with 96ACE Affiliates Program?

The 96ACE Affiliate Program is free to join. All you need to do is complete the online registration form and you will be contacted within three (3) business days regarding your acceptance into the program.

What if I don’t have a website, can I still join?

To participate, you should have your own PAGE / WEBSITE / BLOG / FORUM that has online gambling as its central theme. Should you not have a website, 96ACE Affiliate will however review cases on an individual basis.

Why should I become a 96ACE affiliate?

1. You'll benefit from a 40% profit share for every customer that you refer.
2. The betting and gaming activity of all your referred customers counts towards your commission.
3. We offer you access to more stats on the performance of your campaigns than you'll find anywhere else.

Earning & Payments

When will commission be paid?

Monthly basis, approximately within 3 business days once the withdrawal is submitted.

What is the minimum withdrawal request amount?

Minimum amount of withdrawal for (MYR100, THB1000, SGD50 , IDR100,000).

Do negative balances carry over?

Yes, negative balances will carry over from month to month. You’ll need to work off the negative balance before you will be paid.

Do I earn commissions on my own deposits or wagers?

No, you cannot earn commissions on your own account. If you create a account as a referral of yourself, your account will be terminated.

How many players do I need to refer to remain an active?

You need to refer a minimum of 1 active member (actively playing on our platform).

How do I check my account statistics?

First of all, you must be logged-in. Once inside the affiliate's area, click on the Check Stats tab and select the report you would like to run.

How often are the account statistics updated?

The affiliate programme statistics are updated late 1hour. When viewing the stats, it is important to remember that they are not in real time.

What happens if my affiliate account shows negative net earnings?

Your affiliate account will have a negative balance if your customers win more than they lose. This may happen from time to time but generally the collective Sports, Casino, Games and balance will be positive. For example, in month 2, your affiliate account might show negative earnings. You would not be asked to repay your commission from the previous month to offset this balance, however, you would be required to wait until new customers (or new activity on existing customers) results in positive net revenue for you to receive your next commission payment. Your commission is a percentage of the net profit on your customers. If your net profit is negative or drops below what you have already been paid, you will not receive a new commission payment until your account balance returns to a positive position.

How do I get paid?

Submit a request for payment by logging into your account, select Payment and then Request Payment. You can receive payments into your 96ACE account, by bankwire and also by any payment method. Payments are processed once a month. You may review your payment history at any time by selecting the Payment History option.

My Account

How secure is my information?

Your contact information is secure with 96ACE Affiliate. We do not sell or rent your contact information to anyone.

I forgot my password. How do I get it?

You can request reset password at https://96acecasino.com/affiliate/. It will be sent to your email address. If you need further assistance, please email to manager@affiliate96ace.com.

How do I change my account information?

You can change your account information by clicking on My Account.

Are there any restrictions on where I am located?

96ACE welcomes affiliates worldwide. We do not, however, accept customers from certain countries.

Are there any countries that I cannot promote to?

96ACE should not be actively promoted to certain countries. We only promote customer at Malaysia,Singapore,Thailand,Indonesia.

Link & Creative

What are the advantages of using hosted creative from 96ACE affiliates?

Using hosted creative gives the following benefits:

  • No need to download banners to your PC

  • No uploading and hosting banners on your own image server.

  • No need to replace banners for every new promotional offer or event.

  • Banners hosted and served by a global server network.

How do I add links to my website?

During the programme's sign-up process, you will establish your own Username and Password for logging into the affiliates website. Once logged in, you'll find a variety of links, text links and other marketing tools that you can use on your website(s). To create the most appropriate banner(s), visit Links and link up with the banners that will be of the most interest to your audience. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions for generating banner links (which are embedded with your affiliate click-thru link) and insert them into your web page.

How do I use my click-thru links?

Your click-thru links are unique tracking codes that you can use to send traffic to any of our products. You may use click-thru links to promote your choice of products and to track the effectiveness of different banner positions so you can optimise your promotional efforts. When you sign up as an affiliate, you are automatically issued a Default unique click-thru link, which will direct your traffic to the 96ACE sites. Your traffic will be directed according to the product advertised. To promote Casino Games simply click on the relevant product tab to show the link specific to the product.

How do I search for a click-thru link?

Follow these simple steps:
1. Log into your 96ACE affiliate account.
2. Click on MEDIA
3. Click on TEXT LINKS.

What if I have more than one website?

You can track the performance of each website within the same affiliate account.

Are visitors who use my click-thru link cookied by 96ACE?

Visitors who click-thru on your referral link to any of the 96ACE websites are cookies for Lifetime. That means that even if your potential customer visits the Sports, Casino, Poker, Games or any 96ACR site and if they establish an account while the cookie is in effect, they are your customer for life!

How do you link a player to me?

When a visitor to your website clicks on a link that contains your affiliate ID, and goes to the partner website, your ID is allocated to their click. If the visitor registers, your ID is linked to their account and you are paid in terms of their net losses, for as long as they play one of our products. If they don’t register, and they visit one of the casinos directly at a later time, you will also capture that player. We check each person who visits the casinos in terms of their origin, and if they have come from an affiliate link, we attribute them to that affiliate.

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